We often share news about our programs in Haiti, our support of ReSurge International and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, and continually ask for your support. Today, we want to show you how your contributions are making a difference.

Michael and Frida

Because of support Barco’s Nightingales Foundation receives from Barco’s Uniforms, 100% of your donation goes to the programs supported by the Foundation.  We have no administrative fees or salaries to reduce the effectiveness of your contribution.  Every dollar contributed goes directly to our partners and to the children we strive to help.
Did you know…

$40.00 provides a nourishing hot lunch every day of the school year for a child in Haiti. In most cases, the only hot meal that child may have each day.

$300.00, funds a life-changing surgery to correct a cleft or repair damage caused by scar tissue from serious burns.

$1500.00 sends a child battling cancer to Camp and gives them an opportunity to connect with others also battling cancer – a chance to be a kid, while building courage and independence.

$30,000.00 builds a solar water well that produces clean water for 3,000 villagers, improving their health and bringing them hope for the future. These wells allow the children, especially the girls in the village, to focus on school instead of searching for water.

We can only accomplish this with your generosity and compassion for others.  Thank you for your support and continued generosity.
~Michael and Frida Donner