We recently received the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Impact Report and felt compelled to share the tremendous effect camp has on the lives of children fighting cancer. We salute everyone who makes these opportunities possible.
~Michael and Frida Donner
We had an eventful year with campers and counselors alike excited to spend a week communing and connecting with their second family. We survey our parents after Camp sessions to ensure we are producing the outcomes we intend for our campers. Feedback we received included:
–93% of campers came home with more self-confidence
–91% of campers had increased ability to cope with challenges
–95% of our campers had the opportunity to experience normal childhood activities while at Camp
–100% of families reported connecting and bonding with other families undergoing similar experiences
–99% reported that their family was able to rest and relax away from hospital visits or daily treatments
–100% reported reduced stress and their family’s improved ability to cope with their patients
From the opening of our new Dining Hall, to the rebirth of Winter Camp, to hosting our first Family Camp Reunion weekend, 2015 was a year of renewal, growth and deepening of our impact. In 2015 we served 1,653 campers during  five Summer Camp sessions, one Winter Camp session, and six Family Camps. That’s more than 200 additional campers who were able to participate in 2015, all thanks to our new 12,400 sq. ft. Dining Hall/Activity Center, which can now comfortably  fit more campers.
A recent camper graduate and Camp intern, Emeline Beltran, summed up what many of our campers feel about their time at Camp that goes beyond numbers. Emeline shares:
“When I was diagnosed with cancer my life was changed forever. I felt so abnormal. Kids would always stare and laugh at me. It seemed like the only safe place was the hospital. A few years later, I heard about a place where we were the “normal’ ones. Camp is a place that makes everyone a big family. Where any activity can be done by any child no matter what disability. Thank you…Camp has changed my life.”