Teresa with Michael and her familyLast month we lost a dear friend and Barco Uniform’s family member, Teresa Chavez, to cancer. Teresa worked with us for three years and in all that time I never saw her without a bright, infectious smile. This was her priceless gift to our family, her family and to everyone whose life she touched – she always brought a smile to everyone’s face with her warm, giving approach to life.
Teresa was devoted to Barco’s Nightingales Foundation and to the Barco Uniforms’ family. She brought a positive attitude to every effort and worked tirelessly on our Walk for Kids, fundraising, holiday parties and as a champion for charitable causes. She always put others first. No matter the obstacle, Teresa was successful everywhere she went. Her positive attitude and genuine smile brightened everyone’s day and could light up a dark room. Even when people were frustrated or irritated at something, a few minutes with Teresa reminded them of the joy in life and lifted their spirits. That was the essence of Teresa.
Teresa and her boys
Teresa’s devotion to our organization was surpassed only by her devotion to her family, especially to her teen-aged sons Matthew and Kyle. Just as her smile lit up the faces of those around her, Teresa’s face beamed whenever she talked about her boys.
Teresa’s legacy is a strong reminder that every human being can make a difference every moment of their lives. She did just that even during two battles with cancer. She fought courageously, beat breast cancer and was on a journey to the life she so richly deserved when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We could see her courage as she again embraced the fight. Her positive attitude never waned. Her sense of humor remained strong. And the mischievous sparkle in her eyes that made you wonder what she was up to never dimmed.
Teresa, you will always be remembered and your spirit will remain with all of us at Barco Uniforms forever.
~Michael and Frida Donner