At Barco’s Nightingales Foundation we salute the courageous heart of nurses and nursing and are always delighted to find others doing the same. This year , we’d like to salute for its GEM Awards and to congratulate the finalists for 2016.
~Michael and Frida Donner


Since the early days of’s founding, the company has believed in publicly recognizing and celebrating nursing excellence and has made doing so part of its mission. Now, after nearly three decades the GEM Awards program is the largest and most prestigious of its kind in the nation.
The GEM Award program underscores its belief that excellence exists in all areas of nursing. considers it a privilege to give meaning to excellence by publicly acknowledging nurses every chance it gets. Each year the organization conducts an online coast-to-coast search for nurses of excellence, and bestows GEM Awards to those identified by their nursing colleagues as being the best of the best.
Nurse leaders act as judges to evaluate and score all nominations in the categories of leadership, management, education, volunteerism, inpatient care and community care. We then select finalists, regional winners and, ultimately, national winners.
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