When A Disaster Calls, Nurses Answer

We have all been watching the devastating aftermath of the widespread flooding in Louisiana the past few weeks. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who are affected and to all those who risked their own lives to bring aid and comfort. When the American Red Cross put out the call for medical [...]

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The Many Hats of Nursing

We love this letter from our Letters Campaign because it focuses on the diverse opportunities in nursing, and reminds us that nurses all share one common priority: us. ~Michael and Frida Donner Dear Future Patients, If you are asked what a nurses job entails what would your answer be?  Taking blood pressures, giving shots, listening [...]

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Congratulations New Nursing Students

As the new school year begins, we thought it would be a nice gesture to share another letter from our Letters Campaign addressed to student nurses. This one is excerpted  from Kathryn M., RN ~Michael and Frida Donner To All New Student Nurses: Congratulate yourself for choosing a profession that gives you freedom, exposure to [...]

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Congratulations to the 2016 GEM Award Finalists

At Barco's Nightingales Foundation we salute the courageous heart of nurses and nursing and are always delighted to find others doing the same. This year , we'd like to salute Nurse.com for its GEM Awards and to congratulate the finalists for 2016. ~Michael and Frida Donner Since the early days of Nurse.com’s founding, the company [...]

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Stress Relief Among Nurses

While nursing is one of the most trusted professions in the world, it is also one of the most stressful. We wondered what we could all learn from our nurse friends about what they do to relieve stress. The results may surprise you!! Pets At Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, the institution hosts Paws for Pennsy, [...]

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One Nurse At A Time’s First Book

We are delighted to share this news from our friends at One Nurse At A Time. ~Michael and Frida Donner One Nurse At A Time has just published our first (in a series):   Beyond Borders:  Humanitarian Nursing at the Edge of the World.  You can find it on Amazon (see attachment).  Perfect for nurses and [...]

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The Letters Campaign: To our Community

This letter is very touching. We hope everyone will be inspired by these words. This is another entry from the Barco's Nightingales Foundation Letters Campaign. ~Michael and Frida Donner Dear Community Member, Nursing is one of the most trusted professions and is one of the largest groups of leaders among all the health care professions. [...]

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The Letters Campaign: A Trusted Profession

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions and one of the largest groups of leaders among all the health care professions. The role of the professional nurse requires the nurse to wear many different “hats.” Not only is the nurse a clinician, but the nurse is also a patient advocate, an educator, a social [...]

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An Open Letter to the Public on Nurses

I have been a nurse for over 40 years.  I have witnessed many changes in the profession.  One of the changes that is very welcome is the general public’s perception of nurses. When I entered school in 1973, as a male nurse I constantly got the question from many friends and family, "Will you go [...]

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Dear 1st Year Nursing Students

Congratulations! You are one step closer to a dynamic and rewarding career in nursing. As you continue to embark on what will no doubt be a rigorous path, be proud that you have been chosen to join an honored profession of healthcare professionals that positively impacts the lives of many. Welcome to the profession of [...]

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