In Thanksgiving

Each year we take time in November, around the time the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, to reflect on the blessings we have received and to thank all those who support us in our endeavors.  It is especially poignant this month with all that has occurred over the past few weeks around the world, to reflect [...]

Elise Reay-Ellers Receives Barco's Nightingales Foundation's Excellence in Nursing Award

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation honored ReSurge International’s volunteer nurse Elise Reay-Ellers with our Excellence in Nursing Award at the ReSurge Transformations Gala in October.  Since 2005, Elise has served as a nurse on nine ReSurge trips, including their first trip to Itigi, Tanzania in September of this year. In May, she was deployed to Kathmandu to [...]

Meet Nisha…

On April 25, 6-year-old Nisha was sitting with her three older sisters and baby brother around an open fire at home in Tarukhat, a village in Gorkha district. Her pregnant mother was in the hospital hours away from giving birth to another baby boy. Her father was away, working in Saudi Arabia. Suddenly the earth [...]

Thank you from patients around the world!

ReSurge International remains enormously grateful for the partnership of Michael and Frida Donner and the Barco’s Nightingales Foundation. Your commitment and partnership in our work have truly transformed thousands of lives – not only those of the children and adults we have reached, but of the families who care for them. ReSurge is honored to [...]

45 Years of Medical Outreach

In 2014, ReSurge International celebrated 45 years of bringing hope to children and adults around the world. The impact they have had makes us proud to support their efforts. ReSurge was the first organization to provide reconstructive surgery and build surgical capacity in developing countries, and they are committed to developing the next generation of [...]

Seattle Nurse: Quake Mission Underscores Nepalis’ Resilience

We were all moved by the images coming from Nepal following the devastating earthquake in April 2015. In this guest blog from ReSurge International, we get a first-hand look at the devastation, need, and care provided. ReSurge International has worked in Nepal since the 1980s and responded to the significant surgical needs of the [...]

The Long Road to Healing

We are so proud to support the life-changing work of ReSurge International. This story is truly inspirational. Thuong, 17, has a bright smile and a deep-seated kindness, despite the fact that she has spent far more time in hospitals than most girls her age. Thuong and ReSurge International coordinator/translator Thunguyet Choi on a recent [...]

Zambia’s Flying Plastic Surgeon

We are delighted to bring you this  guest blog from our partners at ReSurge International. This is a heartwarming story about a remarkable doctor, a courageous young boy, and a loving, determined family. We are so proud to be associated with such an amazing organization. It's your support that helps us make stories like these [...]

Hope for Irene

This touching story of healing from ReSurge moved us tremendously. We hope you enjoy it. For more than 10 years, there was little that Irene had to smile about. Until recently, her life had been checkered with tragedies that left her family torn apart and Irene without a future. Irene had suffered a severe burn that immobilized her arm.   [...]

Burns A Global Healthcare Crisis

Our support  of ReSurge International has opened our eyes to the global healthcare and socioeconomic problems stemming from burns, a completely preventable public health challenge.  We wanted to learn more about this crisis and to share some of the reasons why we support their work. This information was excerpted from the World Health Organization. Burns [...]