Since 2008, Barco’s NightingalesSM Foundation has made a tremendous impact on the lives of children and their families globally. Through our partnerships with ReSurge International, Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, Hispaniola Mountain Ministries, The Lighthouse Foundation and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption this impact goes far beyond our immediate activities, reaching people in ways that have far-reaching and lasting effects. In collaboration with these respected nonprofits, and with the support of the donors comprising our Community of Compassion, we…

  • Restored hope to 3,300 children across the globe through life-changing reconstructive surgeries
  • Sent 600 children with cancer to camp where they can embrace life and healing with joy, hope and courage
  • Built and operate 6 solar water wells in Haiti that provide clean, safe drinking water for nearly 40,000 people
  • Serve hot, nutritious lunches to 1,500 school children in Haiti every day
Children with life-changing surgeries
Camp sponsorships for kids with cancer
Children in Haiti served hot lunches daily
People served by 6 solar water wells