Nurse Advocacy

At Barco’s NightingalesSM Foundation, we believe that all nurses should receive the respect, opportunities, and recognition they deserve and that as this happens, more women and men will embrace the profession. Nurses’ struggles and triumphs are everyday occurrences, but their stories are rarely heard. Through our Nurses Stories Program and the Letters Campaign we strive to give nurses a platform where they can share their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with each other and with each of us. We’ve seen and heard their stories first hand.

Working closely with our partners, we have had the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in the world. Our annual Barco’s Nightingales Foundation Award for Nursing Excellence honors the tireless devotion shown by nurses who have contributed to their profession, and who are committed to humanitarian work as volunteers, donating their time and professional skills to those in need.