Our Story

Michael and Frida Donner

Barco’s NightingalesSM Foundation was founded to honor the women and men who embrace the profession of nursing for their selfless contributions, dedication and professionalism as they strive to make our world a better place. By sharing their stories and supporting their work, we hope to encourage younger generations to embrace nursing as their chosen profession.
Our Foundation is committed to elevating the image of nursing and honoring the courageous heart of nurses by focusing our philanthropic efforts on helping children. Our work with ReSurge International, Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times and The Lighthouse Foundation has changed countless lives directly and through the compassionate work of volunteer nurses.
Through Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, my wife Frida and I are able to express our gratitude to our loved ones who shaped our lives and who continue to inspire us today. We pay tribute to my father and mother, Kenneth and Florence Donner, and to my wife’s grandparents, Boris and Bertha Gutman. We learned so much from them, especially with regard to the values they shared and with which we now live our lives. These values — honesty, integrity, passion for the well-being of others, an innovative spirit and desire to inspire the hearts of others — come to life in the work we do through our Foundation. We honor their lives and their memories by paying forward the spirit of their generosity to children in need and to the nurses who comfort and care for them.
~Michael Donner